How hypnotherapy changed my life…

My introduction to hypnotherapy

I’m very open about having a breakdown back in 2013. I’d moved back to the UK after a few years in Australia and had a rough time integrating back into London life. I didn’t have any money as I’d spunked it all on a rather epic solo trip around Southeast Asia and then America, so financially I was in a difficult position.

I struggled to find work – I still hadn’t dealt with the after effects of being in a violent relationship a few years before and I found it difficult to nuzzle my way back into my friendship group. Enter the breakdown! My family, friends and the good ol’ NHS came to my rescue. Meditation helped a lot too. I had CBT, counselling and psycho-dynamic therapies –  all of which I found helpful, particularly the psycho-dynamic. But it wasn’t until a few years later, when I started to explore things outside of the traditional talking route that my world really started to change. 

I found my way to hypnotherapy after mulling it over for years before finally taking action. My hypnotherapist blew my mind in 2016 when she asked me what colour and shape my anxiety was. I had never been asked a question like this before and planted the seed for me not only taking control of my mental health, but of me becoming a coach. 

This was my introduction to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP is the art of creative communication which gives you the tools and understanding of your own mind to take giant leaps forward in your life.

NLP is another tool for your empowerment box. It helps you understand yourself in a way that can take your results from average to excellent. 

Managing your overwhelm

If your Overwhelmed Bitch makes an appearance, have a think about what she would look like and sound like. Getting into the habit of making your emotions separate from you is a healthy habit that is worth investing in! You can find out more about NLP in the latest instalment of the Absolute Empowerment Pod.

This week I also talked to the hypnotherapist who was an integral part of my healing and my understanding of what had happened to me, Kirsten Dahlerup. Listen in here.

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