A word from some of my brilliant clients 

I was having trouble not being able to take my mind off stresses in my life, not being able to cope with other people's negativity and being highly stressed to the point of tears and panic attacks most of the time, which was affecting my business.

I knew that my mindset needed help and I couldn't have gone to a better coach. Now, I can be fully present in everything I do (Instead of stressing about something in my head as I'm doing it) and this has made me so much more focussed in my personal life and in my business. Jess has an amazing ability to be able to take me out of a situation mentally... almost like I am the person looking from the outside in... and seeing it from a completely different point of view.

I feel like my time with Jess has given me clarity but most of all, I now have full control over my emotions and my mind, which is invaluable for my business. As someone who was super nervous to open up about my personal life, you made me feel so comfortable and relaxed so that I could get the most out of my coaching with you.

Lisa, Gym Owner + PT

Before working with Jess I was scared of everything. I was scared of leaving my comfort zone so much, in many areas of my life. I really wanted to sort my career/change of jobs, but being ruled by a belief that having IBS and chronic anxiety is preventing me from making big changes in my life. I wasn't feeling confident, and imposter syndrome was holding me back.Life coaching with Jess has empowered me to leave my comfortable but essentially dead-end job of 7 years, get a new exciting job with a substantial pay increase and finally move into a flat on my own for the first time in my life AND that was even before I got a new job offer (which would ensure I can actually afford it) because working with Jess has really empowered me to believe that I handle anything, even if this job doesn’t work out.

Tatjana T - Customer Success Manager

With vulnerability and comedy, Jess shared her own journey.  She showed us why she's creating and leading workshops on the issue of critical, negative thought patterns; their impact on our behaviours/actions and what we can do to change them. I enjoyed how the day was structured and paced, as we were led, with a great soundtrack and much laughter, through exercises in which we each identified our own critical voices, brought them to life and then reduced their power and impact. Gaining awareness is the first step to changing anything and by the end of a very engaging day, I had experienced connection and compassion with a diverse group of wonderful women while gaining personal insights that put a bounce in my step. Recommended!

Issy, Social Worker and therapist, London

I totally connected with Jess when she spoke about breaking promises to myself on social media; I thought, I do that! The biggest thing for me is letting go of the thought - ‘I hate myself’. I’ve finally given myself permission to be carefree and my business is going to sprint forward! The amount of energy I have wasted on this! Not anymore - I’m doing it my way and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. My head is more clear, compassionate and I now trust myself. It’s hard work but it’s absolutely worth doing.

Julie, Therapist & Counsellor

Coaching with Jess is so energising! Every session I came out feeling lighter, like I can do this!   It has helped me to learn how to unpack negative thoughts, and position and reframe them to get a more positive outlook on things that were causing anxiety. It helped me let go of a lot of baggage, and my habit of framing my future by the past, which was very paralysing. I don’t do this anymore. I now have the tools to move forward in life and understand myself better. My negative bitch can take a hike because I can now self-coach!

Tina - Senior Commercial Development Manager, TV

I can honestly say this has been a life-changing event. From the first moment I engaged with Jess she made me feel comfortable, she was so understanding and put me at ease. This was really important as I was feeling sensitive and worried about myself at the time. The insight Jess gave me throughout the weeks, and the passion and enthusiasm she displayed made me want to do more and more. I have been able to understand myself so much better and deal with issues and problems in a more productive way.She's amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend one-to-one to anyone who isn't  happy with who they are. Coaching made me realise you can change and become the person you want to be.

Nic, Commercial Director - Apprenticeships

Jess helped me tame my inner critic, something which was incredibly important for me to understand and learn. Working with Jess was not only expansive and enlightening but also fun, her energy levels are truly infectious and her guidance and tuition to go inwards and find the causes and develop the solutions were always clear and precise. I achieved a lot in a small amount of time with Jess, and I still use all my tools and will continue to do so. A great and inspiring experience. Thank you.

Susie - Breathwork Coach

I started working with Jess when I was feeling stuck personally, and hitting a wall in my business. I felt like I was missing out on something but had no idea what. The programme allowed me to see that I was hiding, keeping myself safe, and not being fully present. This meant I was missing out on so much within my business and with my friends and family.Now, I am able to be more open with others without fear of judgment, am less critical of myself and can see myself through a different lens. I can’t recommend Jess highly enough, I have looked forward to each session even though some were super tough. Somehow Jess makes it easy and fun to dig deep, while always asking the right questions at the right time. Do the DBYB programme if you want to release your real, perfect and brilliant self, so you can share yourself with those around you.

Hayley, Nutritionist & Menopause coach

Jess brought us all together with her kindness, humour and honesty. She had brilliant stories and listened with her heart to all our stories too. Jess welcomed me with open arms, and the workshop was not only relaxing but also very practical, giving you tools and mental homework. I left feeling enlightened to new ways of thinking about my inner bitches, comforted by knowing I was never alone. I left feeling listened to with my heart and soul. I would 1000% recommend Jess' workshops, especially if you are new to personal development workshops.

Tamanna, NHS, London

As a coach Jess will take you to places you didn’t know you needed to go to and turn a worrier into a warrior.  I loved her energy, sense of humour and insights.I signed up for coaching after doing her Inner Critic workshop because I was questioning WTF I was doing with my life AGAIN. The pandemic can magnify all the negative, disempowering beliefs I know I’ve been holding on to. Now I actually feel like I can step into my more authentic, creative self.

Shelley, Massage Therapist & Videographer

I decided to take the plunge and get some 1:1 work with Jess as I was intrigued by her combination of tools in her artillery I'd seen in her workshops. Jess guided me through the process with kind and firm hands with plenty of visualisations, choice, challenging assumptions and powerful reframing of language. I felt pumped up during and at the end of every session. It was great that I felt like Jess truly "got" me and embraced my quirks - I couldn't ask for more! Professional and heart felt.I'm now a signed up Jess Nicks fan, I know, I like, I trust and I want more; her voie de vivre and spark makes her very special. 

Natasha, Researcher & Happiness Coach 
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