As the list of demands on your people’s time grows more weighty and complicated, their stress tolerance and resilience are ebbing away.​

Imagine what it would be like if your leaders and their teams had tools that enabled them to fly. Not only that, but tools that transformed the way they communicate and understand each other in a next-level way. The effects on morale would be palpable – as would the effects on the bottom line.

If you want to supercharge your team with all the good stuff like confidence, motivation and inspiration, you need a bit of ‘Jess energy’ in your office. She doesn’t do tick-box training: instead she goes for impact and memorability.

Jess Nicks, captured in the midst of a dynamic public speaking event, confidently addressing an attentive audience at the iconic Brighton Dome.

Jess brings two decades of experience in creative and strategic roles in music, advertising and TV, topped off with 5 years as UK sales team leader at a global music publisher. Drawing on her corporate expertise, she brings a potent mix of feminist thinking, coaching and NLP skills, and level-11 energy to make waves with her talks and training. The results? Well, they’re rather juicy!


Using NLP, coaching and a well-fed imagination, Jess encourages people to connect with their own wisdom, so they can understand themselves and each other more deeply, and connect with their ‘why’ to feel motivated and driven. Which, of course, means thriving teams, maximal potential and increased revenue for business.

Jess covers topics such as empowerment and building confidence, imposter syndrome, communication skills, finding meaning in your work and much more.To discuss your team’s training needs, book a free call here.

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