Hello, I'm Jess.

Yay, you’re here! I love that feeling when you discover a corner of the internet meant for you.

Here’s the thing. It’s about time we women stopped believing the bullshit stories we tell ourselves about our failures, shortcomings and not-enough-ness. It’s time to take action and relight the fires of self-belief and dance around the flames. Imagine what life would be like if actually stepped into your potential!?

My name’s Jess and I’m a certified coach, master NLP practitioner and huge music geek. I’ve played the corporate game for many years, working in TV and advertising, then heading up a sales team at a music company; I get the corporate and entrepreneurial mindsets (and how to shift them if they’re not working!).

Now I’m on a mission to help women like you step into their greatness and lead the empowered lives they know they are capable of, but are somehow missing out on thanks to all that noise in their head).

I know only too well that it’s possible to be high-achieving and confident, and to look like you have it all sussed on the outside, when inside tells a different story. But I imagine you, like I used to, have an array of dazzling masks to adorn when shit gets real. You ‘look’ fine, but your mind is a swirling, overwhelmed mess of doubt. SPLAT. Your self-belief that once weathered many storms has been beaten down and flattened. Impostor Syndrome has snuck in through the back door and is helping herself to your snack drawer.

Boost your self belief right now

Enter The Bitch.

My pet name for the voice in your head when she gets in the way of everything from your happiness, to your progress, to your sex life, to your ability to make decisions, your – well, pretty much everything.

The Bitch has a myriad of characters and can really get up in your grill. In my case, the nervous breakdown in 2013 was the height of inner critic Bitch stardom. 

Since then I’ve decided to take back control and choose what happened in my story, rather than listening to and acting upon the Bitch’s every whim. I started talking back. I stopped wallowing. I took action.

But this story isn’t about me. It’s about you. You and your relationship with yourself and your business, your career, your creativity. It’s time to stop being a Bitch to yourself. Time to start writing a better story. One that sees you flying at stratospheric heights in all areas of your life, and not just in how you make your money. It’s time to really know the meaning of the word THRIVE. 

I’m a feminist, but I’m going to quote an old, white, dead man:

‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right’

- Henry Ford.

Never was a truer word spoken, ladies. 

I’m a big fan of MMA: not mixed martial arts (though I am a fan of punching your way to empowerment too), but Massive Mental Action. That’s what it takes to create the change you want. To put space between you and the doubt. And in the process of creating space, you are calling in YOUR POWER.

Hello power of mine, please do sit down next to me and let me pour you a glass…

Ready to debitch your brain? Ready to smash your potential? Ready to stop flapping and start flying? Rah! Let’s do this!

Some things I love:

  • Marshmallow clouds
  • Blue skies
  • Getting lost on the dance floor
  • Getting lost dancing in my kitchen
  • Getting lost in fiction
  • Getting lost in nature
  • Beautiful melodies
  • Big basslines
  • Laughing until I until my makeup runs away
  • Silly noises
  • A very comfortable sofa
  • My boxing gloves
  • Running in the forest, by the sea and across the downs
  • Blowing my own mind by flipping my beliefs about what’s possible for me in this life
  • Learning something new that changes what’s true for me
  • Watching other women step into their power. POW!

Some things I've done:

  • London & NYC marathons
  • Moved to Sydney aged 30
  • Moved to Brighton aged 40
  • Streaked around a cricket pitch watched by 10k people
  • Written a book (it’s currently being re-written after feedback from Penguin)
  • Shared the stage with celebs, writers and poets at a London storytelling collective
  • Rebuilt my life after a nervous breakdown in 2013 and found and created many tools to deal with anxiety and overwhelm 
  • Finally got the cat I wanted for decades
  • Truly come to understand that thoughts are just fiction of the mind
  • Learned to give fewer fucks

Some things I haven't done:

  • Had children. It’s not for me, never will be and I am very happy with my choice. 
  • Bought a campervan (yet)
  • Become an amazing chef (never going to happen: love eating, don’t love cooking)
  • Met Jason Momoa
Ready to debitch your brain? Yeah, you are!

How different would your life be if you stopped doubting yourself & STARTED BELIEVING YOUR POTENTIAL WAS LIMITLESS?

VERY DIFFERENT is the quick answer. Take the first step towards being a more confident version of you – download my Empowerment Hack Pack right now and take back control of the wheel.

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