Coaching, NLP and EFT transformed my life in immeasurable ways - and continues to do so. Find out for yourself and work with me!

We can work together in lots of ways. Online, in real life in my home studio or at your office. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful base for client work in my wild and wonderful garden in Brighton. Here I offer EFT sessions and small blocks of one-to-one coaching with NLP. 

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. I believe in celebrating differences. Whatever support you need along the way is yours. I teach my clients how to navigate their thoughts, change unhelpful patterns and create different results. It all starts with HOW and WHAT you think.

One-to-one coaching


My signature tried and tested one-to-one online coaching programme which completely transforms the relationship you have with yourself. Which of course means that everything else in your life transforms too.

Who is it for?

Those who want to go on the ultimate journey of self-discovery and reclaiming your own authority. When the unhelpful noise in your head is holding you back and you can’t take the frustration and overwhelm any more! 

What is it?

A playground for adults to explore their conscious and subconscious minds without judgement. The framework is supported by a weekly workbook, and there’s voice and written coaching on Telegram (an app for text and voice notes) for the duration of the journey.  And as we are all magnificent and unique beings, the live coaching on Zoom goes in whatever direction you want to take it.

If you’re ready to take action and dive into your subconscious to reconnect with your inner wisdom, book a call below.

10 x one-to-one sessions on Zoom

Workbooks for each module

Telegram (an app like whatsapp) coaching for the duration

£2002 / payment plans available


Three consecutive weekly one-to-one coaching sessions with written and voice support on the Telegram app.

Who is it for?

Those who have a specific issue that they want to resolve via deep, fast and impactful work. Preparing for a big project and you want to ground in confidence? Need clarity on a recurring problem and you want to dive straight into the deep end?

What is it?

Hyper-focussed sessions online or in person in Brighton (for an additional fee) using coaching, NLP and EFT to work through whatever is getting in your damn way!

 £499 one-off investment


In person coaching experience in Brighton for those love IRL vibes and deep, deep work.

Who is it for?

Those who like immersive experiences, to give themselves full permission to go wherever they need to, to unearth the answers within.

What is it?

A beautiful, deep and enlightening day at my home studio in Brighton. Completely focussed on creating the breakthrough you desire, we’ll use a mix of cognitive coaching, NLP and EFT to unlock your subconscious to clear blocks and stuckness.

30 min pre-session Zoom to get clear on the day’s focus

1 x day in Brighton 10.30-4pm

45 min follow up Zoom

Vegan, veggie and GF lunch included from a local caterer

£599 one-off investment


In person or online IDEAS MACHINE session to get clarity on that talk you want to do, that product you want to launch, that thing that’s been bugging you.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs who are ‘too close’ to get clarity. If you’re out of ideas (or overloaded with them!) and need to pull a strategy together, this  intense and hyper-focussed session if for you.

What is it?

A space to explore, get weird, go WILD to get all your ideas on the table. Leave with clarity, knowing what your next move in. High-energy, fast-moving, mind-bending, opportunity creating.

In person at my home studio; we’ll show the post-its a good time!

Online with a trusty Miro-board.

No idea left un-poked, mocked or celebrated.

‘The space is magic as the ideas that come from that place are incredible. She’ll ask the annoying questions to get you thinking and make you think about things in a way you wouldn’t have solo.’ – Beth Jackson of Two Sisters Accounting.


£299 one-off investment / 2.5 hour session

Group Programmes

The group programme you didn’t know how much you needed!

Who is it for?

Women who are committed to making mindset shifts that transform their lives and careers, and sharing their experiences with the group to deepen learnings.

What is it?

A journey of eight weekly live 90 min Zooms built using my framework for self-leadership – The Pillars of M-Powerment. Through Radical Awareness & Acceptance, Radical Thinking, Self-Authority and Growth & Self Mastery, you’ll build confidence, tap into strengths you didn’t realise you had and feel your resilience deepening with every step. 

  • 8 x 90 min Zooms
  • 8 x workbooks with my client portal
  • Private Facebook Group for community vibes
  • Options to bolt on one-to-one sessions for deeper learning (at an extra investment)
  • £555 investment with payment plans available



Jess Nicks Leading an Interactive Workshop - Hands Raised in Participation

Safe, non-judgemental and playful spaces for personal growth and discovery. Wonderful, juicy connections and profound shifts in thinking happen in workshops – especially the IRL ones!

I run a range of workshops in Brighton, London and in many other locations. . If you need a team-building experience that’s memorable and transformative, drop me a line.

Catch me at the Togetherness Tent at Wilderness Festival in the first weekend of August.

EFT (tapping) Sessions

Logo depicting Jess Nicks demonstrating EFT tapping, symbolising her expertise in Emotional Freedom Techniques for stress relief and emotional balance.

By working with the meridian points in the body – the same pressure areas used in acupuncture – EFT, or  tapping, releases stress and helps to regulate the nervous system. Since the body keeps the score and knows waaaaaay more than the humble mind, it’s a brilliant tool to add to your self-care and self-discovery tool kit. 

It can help you to:

  • Calm your mind
  • Calm your nervous system
  • Restore balance to your energy system
  • Understand yourself more deeply
  • Process and move through emotions that are blocking your progress
  • Help to reduce mental suffering created by unpleasant memories 

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone who wants to explore their mind and work through stuck emotions and memories.

I have personally found answers to deep soul questions from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping. It’s a transformational way of moving through stuckness and getting clarity on what’s holding you back. EFT has helped me to process anxiety and overwhelm, and to discover answers from the past that I had no idea I needed to find. It enabled me to be more grounded in my body. And so, I want to bring this magic to help my clients on their quest for change, to let go and move on.