Group coaching is empowering stuff.

In the right environment, we women can truly come together, be vulnerable, share and grow. I provide the space for this to happen at my workshops where we delve into the dark corners of our minds, discover some truths, and make space for change. We share, laugh, cry, dance. We leave feeling inspired, connected and ready to take action.

I use ideas from the book I am writing,  Bitch on the Mic – that hating, narrating voice in your head and how to shut her up! I create exercises that engage your mind, body and spirit using playful practices, and questions designed to elicit deep reflection. The changes I see in the women who arrive compared to women who leave are profound. And wonderful!

I play with sound, picture, movement, thought and emotion to create an experience that leaves no page unturned. You can read more about what goes on during the day here.

More dates coming soon!

How different would your life be if you stopped doubting yourself & STARTED BELIEVING YOUR POTENTIAL WAS LIMITLESS?

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