A podcast uniting women through humour and humility? Hells yeah!

Curating awesome tips for confident living with a bunch of wonderful and wise guests.

Expect laughter along the way, courtesy of my DebitchYourBrain™ methodology. 

I wanted to contribute something of value. I listened to my clients and every time the things that overwhelm then and stress them out to the point of grey streaks, is a lack of self-belief. A lack of confidence. Even women with 'good' jobs (we are obsessed in the West with careers being what defines us. They don't) have a crippling lack of I-got-this-ness which keeps them stuck.

So I wanted to create a podcast that not only gathers tips and hacks from people who society says 'have it all all worked out', but gets up close and personal with the real shit going on in their heads. I want to know about their bitches; their unhelpful ways of talking to themselves and what effect it's had on their lives.

Real conversations. What's really going on in that head of yours? Let's find out.

Don't be fooled by your own hype - it's not just you. The bitch isn’t biased: she targets us all.

But the great news is, there are many ways to shut her up and feel more confident.

Guests in the first series include :

Susie Smith – Breathworker

Metz Bryan-Fasano – Founder of the ad agency Other

Kirsten Dahlerup – Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Michelle Ellison – Mountaineer and extreme marathon runner

Tracy Ross – Professional Organiser

Maxine Penney – Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Media Monks

Claire Gillies – Founder of Delicious and Real

Lauren Derrett – Founder of Wear ‘Em Out washable period product

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