Debitch Your Brain - Transform self doubt into self-mastery

£2022 / 10 week programme on Zoom / Private Telegram voice note coaching

Deep, thorough, life-changing. Across ten sessions we'll work together to unpack your unhelpful inner dialogue in order to understand how this is affecting your work and other areas of life. Using my signature three-step process of Awareness, Disruption and Elevation you transform self-doubt into creative rocket fuel to propel all areas of your life.
We'll do the work to uncover what drives you, so that you can live in alignment with your values. You’ll master the ability to discard old habits, and more importantly, how to implement new ones to change your trajectory. You'll start making decisions faster, trust yourself to move forward, detach from what other people think, and ultimately see a horizon that was once foggy, but now is clear and exciting.

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Absolute Debitch Your Brain

£3033 / 6 months

If you're looking for ultimate accountability for an extended period of time this is the one for you. Following the same curriculum as the original program, Absolute DBYB provides extended support, ensuring that big move, new job or new life direction is secured with accountability at every step. Personal Telegram is included for the full duration of this journey.

The Absolute Empowerment Collective

£555 / 3 month group program

Details coming very soon...

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