One to one

Debitch Your Brain & Design the Life You Want

£1500 / 10 week programme

Deep, thorough, life-changing. Across 10 sessions we'll work together to unpack your unhelpful inner dialogue in order to understand the issues that are troubling you. We'll do the work to uncover what drives you, so that you can live in alignment with your values. Values? Yeah, we'll work on this too. You’ll master the ability to discard old habits, and more importantly, how to implement new ones to change your trajectory. Time to get designing your future. Where do you want to get to? Let's draw the map.

Confidence Kick

Introductory Price for 2020 only - £497 / 6 week group programme*

With a mini-tribe of like-minded women, you'll go on a journey leaving overwhelm and doubt at the door. Across the six weeks, you'll identify your destructive thinking, and get to grips with thoughts and feelings and how they cause your behaviour. You'll learn tools to reign in your negative thinking and understand how you can change your results in life. You'll leave feeling taller and stronger with a new understanding of what it means to be confident, with a plan of action to design the future you want.

*This course runs at multiple times across the year. Join the waitlist below*

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