Disruption: the power of disrupting your thoughts

The definition of disruption is to interrupt, radically change or drastically alter.

Why is disruption important to your mental health?

Disruption is rage against the nonsense programming you have absorbed. Not just in your lifetime, but all the stuff we carry from our ancestors – these deep-rooted beliefs about gender roles and norms. What it’s OK for women to do and not do. We have been pinned down by patriarchy for thousands of years, but thankfully our ancestors and our sisters alive and kicking are fighting for our rights.

As a result of programming from the cultures and societies we grew up in, we have tonnes of unconscious b*llsh^t in our brains about what we should and shouldn’t be doing, what we are capable of and not capable of, what’s OK for girls and boys and what isn’t… that you must have children to be a proper woman, that you must look perfect at all times…

This is the stuff that has been taught to you by your invisible, but ever-present teacher: Patriarchy. 

How accepting of the status quo are you? How willing are you NOT to fight?

This week’s podcast guest was not prepared to listen when she was told ‘women aren’t funny’ by an idiot white old man who was very influential in the comedy circuit back in 2000. She took it upon herself to take MASSIVE ACTION. A defiant Lynne Parker set up The Funny Women Awards to prove this idiot wrong. Who’s laughing now? HA. 

Great things are not born from complacency. They are not created with a sedentary life of acceptance. While acceptance is a beneficial part of processing emotions, it is not a concept to make your driving force in life. If you just sit back and accept well, this is just the way it is, this means you’re handing the power over to other people. 

You are letting your life be shaped by the world rather than YOU shaping the world you live in. 

You are without boundaries. 

Without a cause. 

Watered down. 

If you’re not changing it, you’re choosing it.

Come on, you know you’re better than that. 

Yes, disruption takes effort (I call it MMA  – massive mental action!) And with effort comes REWARD. You will only know the feeling of reward once you start taking action.

So tune into this week’s interview with Lynne Parker and my solo ep focussing on the theme of disruption, where I talk about some amazing disruptors, what that means for us, and how we can implement the art of disruption in our own lives for greater levels of calm and happiness and generally loving ourselves the way we should.

If you want to disrupt your thinking patterns and experience the reward, book a call with me to accelerate the process.

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