Debitch – a very active verb

Debitch your brain, simply put, means tuning out of an unresourceful state and into a resourceful one. It means to shed, to change, to unearth, dig, to raise awareness. To assess, evaluate, get real, to switch up perspectives, to show self-compassion, to learn all about the real you, not the you you believe you ‘should’ be. It involves integrity, truth, discomfort, sometimes pain, sometimes laughter, always compassion. Meaning your work life gets substantially easier as you stop being a bitch to yourself and get out of your own damn way. And then of course, there’s the ripple effect which can be felt far away from the water cooler.


You can’t make good decisions, solve problems, think laterally when your brain is in a state of high alert, overwhelm and self-doubt. A state many of us find ourselves in, despite being high achieving and high-functioning. We end up operating from a place of ‘defense’, creating uncomfortable energy for others, and blocking out our own creativity and energy in the process.


The crux of the problem is that we buzz around our days believing our thoughts, landing on them on the thought-tree and consuming them like sweet nectar, nodding in agreement. I could have done a better job. What if so and so thinks I’m a d*ck? This meeting is going to be so boring I’m going to faceplant my Pret sandwich.  We listen and accept the buzz, the fuzz in our heads, as fact. 


You don’t stop to question, you don’t interject, you don’t challenge yourself to look at the situation from a different angle.


Here’s the thing. The majority of your thoughts are FAKE NEWS. Click bait.


When you’re thinking in bitch mode (and lapping up clickbait like a kid with a dripping ninety-nine and flake), you’re blocking your options, seeing in black and white, missing or misinterpreting essential information. A good dose of debitching is required in the modern world in order to care less what people think and get on with living.


If you want to feel more empowered in work, whether you’re in corporate or an entrepreneur, you have to be prepared to sort your mindset out. You have to raise your awareness. In the same way an athlete trains to win the dreamed-of medal at the Winter Olympics, you have to train your MIND to compete in the epic game of YOU and your dreams.


It’s the type of work that frees you from the invisible chains and silences the self-loathing. Since you’re the author of your story, is it time for a rewrite? The amount of satisfaction and return on your investment in doing this work is immeasurable. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

The next time you believe you’ve stumbled across a problem, ask yourself:

  • How much truth is there in this thought?
  • What am I making it mean?
  • What is it limiting me from doing?
  • What is this an example of (related your behaviour) and where else do I do this?
  • What’s a more empowering way to look at this?


Cool. You’re on your way to being debitched!

How different would your life be if you stopped doubting yourself & STARTED BELIEVING YOUR POTENTIAL WAS LIMITLESS?

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