Your Personal Brand: what it is and how to build it

I really enjoyed my chat with the rather outspoken Lauren Derrett, and finding out more about her brand of washable period products got me thinking about personal brands and what we stand for.

What’s your personal brand?

How do you show up in the world?
What makes you different from the next person in line?
Who are you in your friendship group?
Who are you at work?
Who are you as a lover, a partner?

Think about some of your favourite brands and what they offer to the world. I love Brew Dog’s marketing. I worked with them years ago and I remember their ethos was: if any other beer brand would do it, we wouldn’t. What a brilliant way to put space between them and their competitors. Did you see the beer they made for Aldi, after catching them ripping off their branding? Genius. And how about Nike and positioning that anyone can be an athlete – they go for inspiration all day long. Consider Lloyds and their long running equestrian ads that build trust and familiarity. Do you show up in the world as a rebel, an inspiration, a safe bet?

When I was shaping my coaching business, language and energy levels played a huge part in building my brand. I am a colourful person with ALL the beans, who is pretty outspoken. My business reflects these facets of me, because my personal brand is present in everything I do in my business.

But personal branding isn’t just about how we create our businesses, or how we show up at work. Your personal brand is who you are a human being, taking part in existence on planet earth. It is your identity, your essence, your you-ness. It’s how you play this game of life.

How are you presenting yourself to the world?

Are you opening up your windows and yelling good morning to the world, or are you quietly admiring the view? Are you impatient, creating your own stepping stones, or are you patient, waiting for the water to recede? Do you wear clothes to stand out or blend in? Do you choose clothes to look like you’re in the know, or because you like the comfort? All of these things add up to your personal brand. There is no right or wrong, no black and white. It’s about getting ‘conceptual’ about who you are.

In my latest podcast episode I discuss personal branding and how to build your brand – if you want to learn more listen in here.

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