Triggers – what they are (and what they aren’t!) and how to deal with them

Why am I so emotional?

When we use the word trigger, we mean that something has occurred that has roused our emotional state so much that we feel less in control – sometimes we even lose control of our emotions completely. When people describe ‘being triggered’, they talk about feeling red hot with anger, desperately sad or being very afraid.

I call this being in The Immersion Zone: in a situation where you experience anxiety, the worse the anxiety gets the more it seems to take over your body and mind. By thinking of our emotions in this way – The Immersion Zone – it allows us to see that the more we are sucked into the emotion, the more we lose ourselves, which can help us work out what we can do to stop ourselves reacting.

How can I stop being overwhelmed by my emotions?

Being in control of your emotions is truly one of the most empowering things you can learn to do, and in the launch week of The Absolute Empowerment Pod, I explore triggers and what to do when you’re feeling anxious. Listen to the Podcast here.

A few weeks ago, I had my mind blown open by a breathwork class I did as part of an event I was talking at. My inner critic bitch has been telling me all kinds of nonsense about why I shouldn’t do breathwork, and wowwweeee was she wrong!

I hadn’t been this affected by something new, something to learn about since discovering neuro-linguistic programming NLP and hypnotherapy back in 2016. I was hooked!

I thought, why not kick off my Absolute Empowerment Pod on a topic that me feel so connected with my mind, body and soul? That’s why I choose to chat to a wonderful funny and wise human, Susie Smith – breathworker and comedian – dive in here to have your mind opened!

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