the power of language

choose your words wisely!

Language is powerful stuff. 


You probably feel a bit shaken reading these in CAPS, sorry about that. The point is, these words send compelling messages to the brain about the situation you’re in, and the body responds accordingly with feelings and emotions that put us into a stressed state of high alert. Words we register as dangerous create feelings in your body such as a raised heart rate, because you’re thinking about DEATH RATES, or maybe you have tight shoulders, because you’re uptight about being in LOCKDOWN.

Relax, you’re at home. It’s not that bad. (I just want to point out here that of course weathering this storm is different for all of us, and some are facing greater challenges than others, so it’s up to you to reframe your current reality and make the best of it in every way you can.)

So, be mindful of your language today, because the words you use can amplify or turn the volume of your emotions, and therefore make or break your day. Can you find some words that are softer, less like having a brick thrown at your face, to describe your situation instead? If you drop the headline lingo, I guarantee you’ll feel a whole better. 

Today I am choosing to stay home to help look after the planet. There, that’s much better. By making the choice to use the words stay home, instead of LOCKDOWN, you are using more empowering language that’s less likely to make your brain think you’re sharing your flat with a hungry sabre tooth tiger. And it’s little things like this, that will make you feel a little bit better.

Until time, remember your thoughts aren’t real, just fiction of the mind. 🙂


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