notes on mental health

worrying about your physical health is sending your mind to the gutter...

We are all on high alert for our physical health. Which is a natural response, especially if you’re someone who already worried about their health pre-pandemic times. In effect, COVID has magnified anything you used to worry about in The Old World. Like looking in one of those truly terrifying 5 x times closer make-up mirrors, suddenly everything got massive and very very ugly. 

And you realise you had a whole bunch of skin problems you never knew you had.  

But anyways, the constant hand-washing, the masks, the deaths stats, and social distancing are a like a little wood pecker nudging us every couple of seconds – hey you, your physical health is under threat. You might die!

But there’s a real paradox here because for the majority of people out there, its mental health on the line, not physical. You’re social distancing, you’re working from home, so you’re unlikely to contract the virus, and if you do, it’s highly likely you’ll have mild symptoms and recover quickly. Your obsessive worrying about your body is making your mind poorly!

Its our mental health that we should be on high-alert for. It’s our mental health that needs some support. We are living in situations that are restricting our physical movement, but this also means our mental perspective is restricted. A lot of you are unable to think about anything other than the situation you are in. 

Isolated, alone, normal life turned upside down, many questions unanswered. Our Anxious and Stressed bitch voices in our heads are taking our minds to record highs with unhelpful emotions. Which means the levels of our mental health are going to reach record lows.

The question is, what are you doing to manage this? What does your self-care package look like? If you’re spending all your time reading news and binging food and content  on Netflix then its pretty much a given that your mental health is on a slip and slide – heading waaaaay down. 

As Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist teacher said: “It’s easier to put on a pair of shoes than to wrap the earth in leather.”

We must have to take responsibility for OUR mental health first. No one else’s. You can’t share your bottle of wine with anyone else (metaphorically on Zoom of course)  if you haven’t made sure your online order is in place and you’re stocked up. And the same is true for your mind.

You do you, bitches.

Take note of where your thoughts go, and of the feelings that you’re experiencing every day, so you’re aware of how up or down you are – then you’re able to do something about it before you end up at the bottom of the well without a rope.

If you’re in good shape mentally, you can help other people. Next time you ask someone how they are, do NOT take the ridiculous British bullshit of ‘oh I’m not too bad thanks’ as an answer. It’s time to get real.  We must come together and support each other. We must connect in whatever ways we can. Refocus your attention from worrying about your physical health, to doing practical things that help keep your mental health in check. 

This is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself, and those around you. Having a strong mind means you have more to offer your family and community. And if you do get sick, a strong mind is going to be really helpful in your recovery.

Until next time, remember your thoughts aren’t real, they are just fiction of the mind. 🙂

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